Something for the weekend 64


The past seven days was pretty full on. Lots of preparation work needed to be done in the evenings for this weeks tattooing.Next week is offering the same level of work, whilst it’s very nice to be busy it does mean that my non work time is limited. However I have managed to find the time to work on some small thumb nail sketches for future projects and I will try and get them scanned and posted sometime soon.

This is one of the bigger skecthes and I would be very happy to turn this in to a tattoo should anyone be interested.


The Shishi is very close to completion and then I have a commission painting to do of a Koi battling it’s way up some rapids.


I started a new Koi and Dragon sleeve, but the photographs are washed out. However I’m working on it pretty much every two weeks so I will post pictures next time. I managed to get some decent pictures of these though.

This cover up is now finished


Manged to get a healed picture of this Hannya


Finally we moved the Raijin and Fujin leg sleeve along nicely.

10693379_1684447531780553_159981157_n-2 10665561_294688237399981_1685653209_n-2

As always thanks for reading.