Something for the weekend 63

Another two weeks has flown by since my last post. Most of my evenings are now taken up with painting, whilst that’s good for my artistic development it does mean the other aspects of my work get put to one side.

I’ve also not had the time to get the prints made of the completed paintings. Next week is looking a bit less hectic, so I should be able to at least get the scanning sorted.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be working the Brighton Tattoo Convention next year, click the link for dates, ticket price etc. I will be taking appointments for the duration of the show, please email me with your ideas if you want to get something done.


I’ve made some progress on this Shishi painting, I started colouring the body last night so with luck it will be finished by next weekend.

10665240_10204778650055221_5359428920422412401_n-2 10654849_358746730957680_610080416_n-2

Finally photos from my instagram feed of the recent tattooing.

10683785_856599561016915_845054930_n-2 10691802_1532276886988523_561444901_n-2

10643969_1376387942651536_558007290_n-2 926867_780953631967163_1174459890_n-2 10311078_1469808656636514_813166662_n-2 10624366_1481224032130925_8956369_n-2 10691832_1463345910604739_1378679673_n-2