Something for the weekend 62

The last week has flown by in it’s usual fashion! Still I had fun working on both new and in progress tattoos. Here is the instagram images of the weeks labours. I’ve not had much luck with my SLR at taking images. It’s funny how the phone camera seems more capable than my dedicated device, most likely due to my ineptitude at using it?

Another cover up tattoo, this time of a small bulldog. The Owl is based on someone else’s artwork and their name eludes me. If I can find it out I’ll post a link to the work.


Finished off this chest piece, I’m rather pleased with the results and I would be very interested in doing more work along the same lines.


The rabbit sleeve is an hour or two away from completion, again I’ve enjoyed working on this immensely and would be extremely happy to carry out more work in a similar style.

10488645_283217561875911_158008459_n-2 10624359_1529463630618430_1988419594_n-2

Finally started this little tattoo, it is designed to look more like a silk painting than a traditional irezumi tattoo. It’s also going to be pretty much full colour, can’t wait to get another session on it.


I thought I would share the first three paintings for a show I’m working on with Other Finger Films and James Hole Photography. It will be a pop up exhibition that will be in Brighton at the same time as the tattoo convention next February. I will also be showing the preparatory drawings that went in to the making of the final images.

_MG_6774 _MG_6776 _MG_6778