Something for the weekend 61

Cover up tattoos would best describe my recent work. They are always and a challenge and it’s the kind of work I get a great deal of satisfaction from.

The first one was super easy but fun never the less.


I’m pretty pleased with how this tribal cover is coming along and looking forward to the next session.


This cover up is one of the most challenging I’ve done. Lots of tribal tattooing to cover with something oriental was the request. We took inspiration from a fabric print fort he arm and will be adding a more traditional Japanese tattoo style dragon across the chest emerging from the clouds and lightning on the arm.



This is not so much a cover up as an addition to a tattoo I did about 11 years ago. The idea is to have the new dragon look like it’s transforming form smoke/steam and wrapping around the old tattoo. The double headed western dragon will be reworked to look like a sculpture of some kind, with background added to complete the tattoo.

10607924_267581790099813_645667165_n-2 10601923_1463544400590458_658695005_n-2

I also started a new dragon adding it to a carp I’d previously tattooed


Nearly finished the Blue Jay, couple more hours and it’s done.


I’ve also finished the Tomomori painting and started on the next one, which will be a Karashishi.


Finally a sketch for an up coming piece that I think will be fun to tattoo and a photograph of my page in the new Tattoo Year Book, which is on sale in September I believe.