Something for the weekend 59

Another hectic six day work week and not enough time in the evenings to fit everything in! Not much to write about and lots to do so I’ll keep it short.

All these pictures are from my Instagram feed. I have another six day week coming up so I should hopefully have some good pictures to share next week.

I should make a special mention about the first image. It’s a collaboration between myself and Nigel Palmer, the colour work is mine and the black work is his. I will be adding more work tot he back of the forearm later int he year and Nige will then work back to the piece. We are both finding the process rewarding and it’s certainly are own take on the idea of an artistic collaboration. We are both keen to take on similar projects so please contact Nigel via his website or me via if you are interested in working on a project with us.

AbstractColourTattoo (1 of 1) BlueJayTattoo (1 of 1) FudoMyoTattooDesign (1 of 1) JapaneseBlackKoiTattoo (1 of 1) JapaneseDragonTattoo (1 of 1) JapaneseFooDogTattoo (1 of 1) JapaneseKoiTattoo (1 of 1)