Something for the weekend 58

Greetings, last weeks update was missing due to me hanging out in Somerset with my parents and little boy. Not much of a rest but a welcomed and much enjoyed change for sure.

This sleeve marks a new direction with my traditional Japanese tattooing. It’s a development that’s made possible doing my other work. I love the combination of grey lined areas and those with a more traditional black outline. It’s a small thing really, but the impact on the final design is massive. It allows me to place focus on important areas, whilst still giving dense coverage. Can’t wait to do more like it.

_MG_6452 _MG_6449 _MG_6445 _MG_6443

Got some good photographs of this today.

_MG_6481 _MG_6479 _MG_6474 _MG_6478 _MG_6476 _MG_6475

Not the best picture of this pinup, more down to it’s placement than anything, it’s very tricky to get the perfect angle to photograph something on the inside of the calf. I would be well up for doing more of these.


This St George piece was finished this week.

_MG_6437 _MG_6439

This is the end of the fourth session on this Fujin and Raijin leg ‘sleeve’.

_MG_6468 _MG_6469 _MG_6470 _MG_6471  _MG_6473