Something for the Weekend 57

Just about made it for the weekend. I was busy on both Friday and Saturday night with other things.

I’ve made a start on a new painting and possible t-shirt design, using an old favourite of mine Fudo Myo. 1173008_577618515689325_1545712974_n

I’ve also found that I’m doodling pinup girl images when I’ve got a few minutes. Not sure if they will go any further? I’m thinking about drawing up some sleeve ideas and returning to the diver image I did last year, to re-work it as a ‘proper’ painting.

925317_467627033373285_272883046_n 10467721_266289666910649_452700436_n

Here are some in progress shots of various pieces. The freehand Geisha was a bit of a surprise as neither myself or my customer really had any ideas about what to do prior to the appointment. Tracing over found images didn’t work so directly drawing on the skin seemed like the best option. I’m pretty pleased with the result so far.

10424675_261398854065510_1322653232_n10502684_1436966029903423_262852497_n 926803_522916744501905_2112008457_n 1741985_454728754672192_1203118644_n 10488640_1444550739131556_849585567_n

Finally healed pictures of the Brighton landmark sleeve and images of a sleeve I completed yesterday. The photos are before we finished, I tried to take ones after the tattooing, but the glare from the flash was shocking.

_MG_6214 _MG_6216 _MG_6217 _MG_6219

_MG_6233 _MG_6231 _MG_6228 _MG_6227