Something for the weekend 56

I’m still keeping busy with other projects that are indirectly related to my tattooing. I can’t really talk about them just yet or show any work in progress shots. Hopefully I will be able to discuss them in a few months.

Because I’ve dedicated time to the above, my tattoo workload isn’tt a heavy as normal. I did however manage to get some sots of a few bits from the last two weeks.

I’d love to do more pinup tattoos in this style. Her right arm looks slightly wonky due to it wrapping around the shin (it’s on a leg) which is a bit of a shame. I am however pretty pleased with the result.


A few other bits I made progress on, or started in the carps case.

10453928_1413818978900624_1256384219_n-2 10414018_1420605581556255_1961627704_n-2 10362329_1432767613662460_336622493_n-2 925522_659863850761877_259529934_n-2

Finally this was last nights sunset, as viewed from our bedroom window. I wouldn’t normally take these kind of shots but the colours are pretty out there.