Something for the weekend 55

The past two weeks have seen me forging ahead with some behind the scenes ideas and projects. I have a couple more skateboards in the works, both will be a little different form my normal work as I’m keen to push some new ideas around.

I managed to get several good pictures of the skull and bird chest tattoo. If anyone is interested in similar work I’m very interested in doing work of a similar nature.


_MG_6124 _MG_6129 _MG_6131 _MG_6139

Also finished this on the second session. Again I’m very much enjoying this kind of work alongside my Traditional Japanese style pieces.


Detail of a western style Phoenix work in progress.

10424496_315541435269875_1924269616_n 10413279_529488203823150_1467672834_n 10401836_653568054718294_397965206_n 10388024_643812682379066_551365986_n  10358421_303834476459881_583776816_n _MG_6116