Something for the weekend 54

After a full on work load in the previous week I’ve taken it easier this week. So I only have two photos to share this week.


Photo: George Green

I did have an interview I gave Tappu published this week (picture above). It contains a teaser for the documentary that I was unable to upload here to to it’s size.

We have also set a date for the release of the documentary which will be posted online on the 8th of August. With a launch to follow at Nine on the 22nd. James photographs will be displayed and the documentary directed by Jonathan will also be screened.
When I have more details I will let everyone know. Hopefully we can accommodate those of you that would like to attend as guests.

The project will also be featured in Bizzare magazine as a full page spread in it’s August issue that goes on sale July 29th (if my memory serves me correctly)


Finally the two pictures of the weeks work.

10349816_788355281176596_703981451_n 10354500_1611464522411501_1275233419_n