Something for the weekend 53

Another hectic week of work. I’m still researching video cameras. It’s likely to take me a few months before I’m ready to post any videos of sleeves etc.

I did manage to get some acceptable photographs of a few pieces from this week. Most are work in progress tattoos.

928274_723721087671113_1093873999_n-2 10299786_304944062995035_1921255607_n-2 10299849_1413966932214579_2045681829_n-2 10362056_576178869147278_1717632436_n-2 10362111_1448992305339628_39333531_n-2

Jonathan of Other Finger Films was kind enough to send me a few shots he took from our first two days filming.

So I thought I’d share a few with you. If nothing else to prove I do smile when I’m working :)


FILT1202 FILT9397 FILT9385   FILT9370 FILT1204