Something for the New Year

First off, Happy New Year to one and all.

I had a few days off in December and I took this picture on a family outing with my phone and was surprised by how well it came out.


I did manage to work on some sketches for piece that I’m starting in January and my donation for the Valentines art show.

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Valentine Art Show sketch. It’s the story of Yaegaki-hime for those that are interested.


Here are the last photos of work form 2013

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As we are at the end of the year I sit down and look back at the years work. Trying to plan out the direction in which I wish to take my work. The past twelve months was a big step for me. The choice to explore more work outside of Traditional Japanese was something that has opened up new and exciting visual opportunities.

I am fully committed to continuing my Japanese work as it still gives me a great deal of pleasure and is something that I enjoy exploring.

I was going to post some of my favourite pieces from this year. However when I sat down and tried, I found it almost impossible to do. I’m very lucky that I’m in a position where I can pick and choose my work load and that my customers ie you guys, allow me the freedom to explore and render the designs in a way that we both like.

It really does show me that the success of my work is as much the input from the customer as it is my hard work. With that in mind I again thank you for all of your support and again wish you a Happy New Year for 2014.