Where do I work?

I work at:
9 Boyces Street
(+44)01273 208844

My diary is currently open for appointments. If you wish to book a consultation contacting me via inkme@adetatu.com is the best way.

Types of work I will undertake

Large scale Japanese: sleeves, backpieces etc

Small Japanese designs i.e. single flower, carp etc with no background

Realism tattoos: portraits, flowers etc

Illustration style designs: pinups, fantasy and sci-fi art etc

Subjects of particular interest outside of Traditional Japanese designs

Star Wars

Lord of the Rings

Lovecraft ie Cthulhu Mythos


Bioshock (the video game)

Dead Space (the video game)

The Alien franchise

Concept art for video games and films.

Your tattoo project
I find that I’m interested in a wide variety of themes and ideas.

I draw inspiration from multiple sources and find it hard to make a concrete statement about what really interests me, as it varies over the years. The short list above contains the most consistent things I look at for pleasure and reference. However I’m just as likely to find a ‘jumping off point’ in the detail of a photograph, painting etc as I am in any of the above. With that in mind I always recommend contacting me with your idea as it’s rare for me to not find ‘an angle’ on an project.

What is the first step
You can email me with a rough idea about your project, informing me of location, size and the idea itself. This is often best if you will be traveling from outside Brighton. Or you can go ahead and book a free consultation which will take place at Nine. If you have a budget it is good to let me know at the beginning so I can think about how to make the best use of the time it will allow us.

Can I book a tattoo without a consultation?
This will depend on the design. Sometimes it’s possible if your idea is pre-drawn and needs no re-working or alterations made. Normally speaking I find the consultation invaluable in understanding your needs and if I can meet them. With that in mind in most cases the consultation is an essential part of the process.

What will I need to bring to the consultation?
Bring as much reference material as you can. We have access to the internet at the shop, so if you only have a vague idea I can show you images that I think will suit your project.
Sometimes I find that multiple consultations are needed to really explore the idea, it is common for me to offer alternatives that may not have crossed your mind, which you may need to go away and consider. I am more than happy to do as many consultations as it takes to give you the best possible tattoo.

What happens after the consultation?
If you decide I am the tattooist for you and that I am interested in taking the project on. We book you the agreed appointments and another consultation for about one month before the first tattoo appointment, so we can touch base and check through all the details etc.

Do you show me a finished design before the tattoo session?
This is tricky to answer and is largely dependent on the idea.

I find that my time is limited and we will have talked through much of the design in the consultation. A large proportion of my work is drawn straight on to the skin, so the image is ‘fleshed out’ as we go. Often I will use a reference that can be traced over and stenciled onto the skin which I then incorporate into the piece.
It is common for me to spend a great deal of time talking throughout the design stage communicating my intention/ideas as I go. I find tattooing works best for me when I am working alongside my customer.

What if I am unsure about the design when it’s drawn on?
If at any point you would prefer the design altered you can have as much input as you feel necessary. I have found that with the use of previous examples of my work and small sketches I can ease any concerns you may have. Visualising the end ‘product’ is the hardest thing for most of my clients. I am aware of the trust you will be putting in me, and I make every effort possible to give you the tattoo you want in a relaxed and comfortable environment carried out in the spirit of co-operation.
My tattoo process is one of constant assessment, that keeps the work going in a direction we both feel comfortable with.

I think I’m ready…
If you like the sound of the above then I look forward to working with you on your project.
If you feel un-comfortable with my methods then I wish you well and thank you for taking the time to look at my work.
I take on work that I find interesting and I know I can do well, like any artist I strive to progress and improveā€¦.