Back from the absence (Something for the weekend 66)

Who would have thought setting up your own tattoo studio would take so much time and effort? :D

For those of you that want to go directly to Axios Tattoo’s NEW WEBSITE please be aware the site has a few teething problems and I’m unable to access the emails at the moment, so if you do want to get in touch use my normal mail account ie

For the most part, and three weeks after opening and things are settling down in to a rhythm that’s manageable. I still have a few things that need attending to, but it’s pretty much service as normal from now on at Axios Tattoo. For those of you that don’t follow the shop on Facebook or Instagram, I would highly recommend following at least one so you can keep up to date with all the latest news etc.

Whilst I will be maintaining this blog it will be reduced to a once a month update, working on the general day to day admin, social media and other things that running a shop entails means I wont have lots of time to devote to this page.


I did want to share some photographs of the new studio, along with my new window cleaner, he’s pretty good to be honest, but it kills my arms helping reach the higher parts.


10353565_855509611156705_1275829007267089234_n  10624640_855509614490038_2790639002552234468_n 10675524_855559754485024_7632361254278458703_n

I got some photographs of this three quarter cover up sleeve.

_MG_7137 _MG_7136 _MG_7140

This Blue Jay also came in for a healed picture


I’ve also moved this backpiece along somewhat, I’m pretty pleased with how this is turning out. It’s really helped me push my Japanese style work down a new road.

_MG_7117 _MG_7120 _MG_7121

Finally a selection of Instagram images

10245321_844213802286286_8956600693465666928_n 10641095_844213828952950_1237990800826237120_n 10614347_854709227903410_1888473228303308437_n  1920289_846013158773017_9027148371392512465_n   10360443_858098914231108_398986756789114899_n 10698582_849257698448563_880749768831860407_n 10734235_851214564919543_8644380507156674228_n